Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange (HICE)

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The Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange (HICE) provides support programs for children and the youth with immigrant backgrounds, from language classes to career guidance services. Established in 1982 as a volunteer association and later in 1991 as a foundation, HICE has become an important source of support for migrants and residents with migrant or multicultural backgrounds living in Hamamatsu City. The foundation’s wide range of activities, programs and services cater to different concerns and needs of foreign residents and migrants, including children and young people.

Foreign residents, for example, can access the foundation’s counseling services for legal matters and can consult for important information on living in Japan. Free legal advice and consultation services are provided once a month for foreign residents, and even to Japanese nationals who are employing or working with migrant workers. Cultural events and activities are also organized. For children with migrant or multicultural background, HICE programs and services include Japanese language classes and career guidance, among other activities.


A summary of HICE’s key activities. Source: HICE official website.



Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange (Official Website)