Danuri – an online portal for migrant and multicultural families in Korea

With just a computer, a mobile phone or any other handheld device, migrants and multicultural families can connect to Danuri services online to help them adjust to life in Korea. Danuri is an online portal for access to programs and services providing assistance for foreigners and migrants. It is run by the Korea Institute for Healthy Family and supported by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

One of its key services is Danuri Helpline 1577-1366, a 24-hour call support system that provides information, emergency support and professional counselling to women migrants and multicultural families. With multiple language support and translation services, Danuri Helpline links migrants and multicultural family members to emergency assistance and to legal advisers or professional counselors for guidance on daily living, conflict resolution and legal matters. The helpline connects migrants to services offered by other relevant agencies. Children of divorced and separated parents can also access the call center’s family support services. Victims of domestic violence are referred to emergency shelters. Children and young migrants can also call Danuri through a specific number which gives them access to both local and foreign counselors or call center representatives who can speak Korean. Danuri provides counseling in multiple languages aside from Korean, such as in Chinese, Japanese, Fililpino and English.



Source: The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. (2015). Guidebook for Living in Korea: Guidance for Foreigners and Multicultural Families in Korea. 길잡이미디어.


Main Services

Menu Item
Resident/Foreigner Support
Information on disembarkation, residence, and obtaining nationality for marriage immigrants entering Korea for the first time, as well as on counseling and general information about Korea
Korea Adaptation Support
Korean culture and Korean language information for marriage immigrants who are unfamiliar with life in Korea, and youths from migrant backgrounds * In this case, “youths from migrant backgrounds” refers to youths from multicultural families and migrant youth who are experiencing trouble adapting to Korean society, or who are struggling academically
Employment Support
Employment information for marriage immigrants and information on systems that protect workers who have lost their job or have suffered injury/illness at the workplace, etc.
Life/Medical Support
Information on welfare and childhood support systems for those experiencing financial or personal difficulties
Cultural Exchange
Introducing different cultures to promote an understanding of cultural differences, and providing materials for the creation of bilingual learning environments*Program for the creation of a bilingual environment: Program to support the children of multicultural families as they become global, multilingual citizens by encouraging the natural learning of their foreign parents’ mother tongue through play
Multicultural Family Support Center
An organization (with 217 centers nationwide) that exists to help multicultural families enjoy a safe and stable family life by providing Korean education, family education, counseling, and cultural programs, etc.
Multicultural Information
Informative material in a variety of languages, as well as information on policies related to multicultural families, statistics, etc.
The multicultural family information magazine ‘Rainbow+’ is published 4 times a year (spring, summer, fall, and winter) in 13 different languages

Source: Danuri

 Inside the brochure, Danuri’s services are described in multiple languages


Guidebooks and mobile applications

Guidebooks for migrant and multicultural families by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family are available online and in different languages. This English version (see below) can be accessed here.

A mobile application is also available to those who want to access Danuri’s online services using their mobile phones and tablets. As in the website, the mobile application provides access to guides, maps and contact information and other relevant content, such as details regarding multicultural family support centers and other government agencies providing relevant services.

Danuri mobile application available for Android and iOS.


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Other Resources

Danuri Helpline 1577-1366 brochure.

Danuri mobile application, Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Exchange visit and interview with Danuri heads and staff, May 2015.