Maligaya House

Maligaya House is the Philippine branch of the Citizen’s Network for Japanese-Filipino Children, Inc., a non-profit and non-government organization formed in 1994 to support JFCs. The Quezon City-based office, which was established later in 1998, mainly provides legal assistance for Japanese-Filipino children and their mothers, such as helping to locate the father of the child, and serve as mediator between the parents of the JFC or to provide representation when negotiating for legal recognition.


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Aside from these legal services, Maligaya House also holds bi-monthly Japanese language and culture workshops for JFCs who wish to learn more about their cultural heritage and identity and to meet other JFCs and make new friends. Aside from workshops, other activities for the children are held to provide a support group for the JFCs. Meanwhile, mothers of JFCs also learn about different livelihood and support strategies to improve their lives through the organization’s seminars on legal proceedings, workshops on gender issues and training sessions for migrant workers. Maligaya House also works on other initiatives, such as helping JFCs with applying for scholarships or covering educational expenses and publishing a handbook for Filipino women intending to go to Japan.


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Citizen’s Network for Japanese-Filipino Children.

Interview with Naoko Kono (Executive Director / Person in charge), 4 June 2016, Maligaya House, Quezon City.

Maligaya House Facebook Page

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